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HISTORY of Christ Baptist Church

Christ Baptist Church Building


During the spring of 1981, several people suggested organizing a prayer group. When it became apparent that many people had the same idea, a desire was expressed to come together at a central meeting place.


Sis. Geraldine Coleman was instrumental in securing St. John Baptist Church #2 at 12th and Rutledge Street, as a meeting place. On Wednesday, May 27, 1981 the first prayer meeting was held. Dr. Colvin Blanford was invited to lead a group of sixty-five people in a series of Discipleship studies.


After nine weeks of prayerful deliberations by the group, Dr. Blanford called for an organized meeting. On Saturday, August 1, 1981 at 12:00 noon, 165 people met at the Glen Park Church of Nazarene, 134 East 43rd Avenue and formally organized as CHRIST BAPTIST CHURCH of Gary, Indiana. Dr. Colvin Blanford was confirmed as Pastor. The church adopted our "Purpose and Principles" unanimously and gave an initial offering of $5,116.16.


The newly organized congregation continued to meet on Wednesday evenings at St. John #2 and was invited to worship on Sunday’s  at other churches, where Dr.  Blanford was invited to preach.


On October of 1981, the congregation contracted to purchase the Church of God edifice located at 4700 East 7th Avenue.  The agreement was consummated by the end of October.  On November 15, 1981 we marched into our church home.  That Sunday we were blessed with 43 new members.  During the next six weeks, 135 new members were added---an average of 22 new members each Sunday.  As of February 26, 2002, the membership had grown to 752.


In 1991, we were able to complete and dedicate our 1.2 million dollar Christian Education Center that housed the Christ Baptist Christian Academy & Pre-School.  The principal, administrative staff, teachers, cooks, janitorial personnel and the Christ Baptist Church Advisory Board all supported the school.


The purpose of Christ Baptist Church is to “Seek, Find, and Do the Will of God” as revealed in scriptures and through His Holy Spirit.  Our Church’s main priority is to fulfill The Great Commandment and The Great Commission of our Lord.  Our church has expressed its commitment by:


  • Training members for the work of mission, evangelism and discipleship.
  • Providing scholarships for the youth of our church and the community.
  • Digging water wells in Haiti and Malawi
  • Sending our Pastor and members to our mission fields in Africa.


To date, the Lord has blessed us with a total of twenty-two Christ Baptist Churches; nineteen in South Africa, on Mzuzu, Malawi, one in Chicago, IL and in Gary, IN.


In the year 2000 we commissioned 8 members (including two physicians) to our mission fields in South Africa and Malawi for two weeks.  While there we purchased a 16 passenger Toyota van and bicycles for our Pastors.  Additionally, we purchased 2,600 bibles (in their language) for our people in Malawi.  During that time 82 people responded to the invitation to Christian Discipleship.


On the local level we continue to provide scholarships for the youth of our church.  We have purchased two Life memberships and two Golden Heritage memberships in the NAACP.  We have served as a founding member of the Northwest Indiana Federation of Interfaith Organizations and the Gary Interfaith Action Council, which are two coalitions of churches across racial and denominational lines who have come together to improve the quality of life in our community by empowering individuals and churches to transform their communities into what the Lord would have them to be.  Additionally, we have aided in the relief effort for New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.


As part of our community initiative, we’ve provided a new home built from the ground for a qualified single parent raising children.  We have sponsored community fellowships, provided free meals and clothing, provided car seats for needy children, blood pressure monitors, diapers, and coat give-a-ways.  We are affiliated with the American Baptist Convention of U.S.A.  While not a member, we have hosted the Full Gospel (District) Conference.


To date, Christ Baptist has ordained (29) persons as Deacons and (27) persons as Baptist Ministers.

In October, 2002, Dr. Blanford retired as Pastor of Christ Baptist Church.  Reverend Maurice White served as Interim Pastor beginning October 2002.  He was elected Pastor in March of 2004.  He resigned as Pastor in December of 2009.  In November of 2010 Reverend Lawrence E. Robertson was elected Interim Pastor, and on January 28, 2012, he was elected Pastor of Christ Baptist ChurchChrist Baptist continually looks for ways to serve God’s people at home and on the mission fields.